What Is Crypto Mining And How Does It Work?

Mining is the only way to issue Bitcoin which is an ongoing process by miners across the network to form the blockchain. To explain in vernacular, mining is to record the transactions generated on the blockchain in the ledger. This process will generate certain rewards to stimulate all miners to continue mining and jointly operate the entire bitcoin network which will be explained in detail later.

    The rule of bitcoin is to generate a new block every 10-8 minutes, and the new block records the transactions generated by each node in the past 10 minutes. The accounting rights are fairly distributed to each node which the nodes need to compete for, through a certain mechanism to obtain mining rewards.

    When a new block is being added to the blockchain, the node which created it broadcasts it to the entire network, and other nodes verify the block to see if there are any illegal transactions, so as to ensure the validity. Once a majority of nodes validate the new block, it will be added to the blockchain successfully.

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This Video (What Is Crypto Mining) From Binance Academy.

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