Welcome To The Hashrate Crypto Mining Colocation Farm

We are a crypto mining colocation that provide you a vast range of services related to cryptocurrency mining. If you want to get into the cryptocurrency industry, then having the right equipment is crucial, and we are here to help at all times. We provide a comprehensive cryptocurrency farm that’s fully maintained and operated by us. What that means is that we handle the entire process and you receive the rewards. Our mining farm works 24/7 to ensure that you get the best results and the utmost value of your investment.

crypto mining colocation
crypto mining colocation

Hashrate Farm is located in Oman, an ideal place because the cheap electricity costs are very low. On top of that, the Hashrate Farm is managed to dedicated engineers that handle the entire process and ensure your mining machines are running at the best possible scale and value. We use the best immersion cooling system that helps cool down mining equipment, while also extending its lifetime in the long run. Moreover you can easily contact us if you need any mining equipment as well. Hashrate crypto mining colocation is a managed hosting facility, and will help you to understand and learn a crypto mining process before you start investing in this space. 


1How can I get more information about the service? How can I start?

You can easily contact us via WhatsApp or you can send us a message via the contact us page.

2I want to invest in crypto mining and need to understand costs and profits?

We provide consultation and help service via Zoom meeting where we can provide a detailed investment guideline. It’s also possible to order a complete business plan if you want.

3What is the range of available investment options do you provide?

You can buy cryptocurrency miners from us and we ship them to you. Or you can choose to access a hosting package and cloud mining from us, depending on your needs and requirements.

4I purchased a miner and want to host it in hashrate farm?

Yes, you can do that. Just contact us and we will let you know our shipping address, rates and other relevant information to host it in our farm.

5How much customs cost in your country?

Oman is charging 10% so you can contact the supplier for the invoice.

6What are the hosting fees?

We charge 0.075 c for the machine wattage , so 1000W miner costs $75 per month. However, we do offer discounts for heavy miners and a larger quantity in general.

7Is it possible to sell my miners to you or can you sell them for me?

Sure, we can help with that.

8What is your service for hosting miners?

What makes us unique is that we provide immersion cooling using oil. This is much better because it helps keep temperatures a lot lower. We also manage your pools so you can get the best rewards, not to mention we handle cleaning and maintenance.

9What payment options do you offer?

We generally accept crypto payments and bank transfers.

10Can I receive a refund?

Yes, you can end your contract at any time and ask for your miners to be shipped back to your home.

11Is your service working 24/7? Is there a downtime?

Generally the downtimes are very short. If there are downtimes longer than 10 hours a month, we provide a financial compensation!


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