Hashrate Mining Farm Services

Hashrate Mining Farm Services

If you have even the slightest interest in crypto mining, then our team is always here to help. We created a multitude of services designed to help offer you the best solutions when it comes to crypto mining and farming. Here are the services we currently provide to our customers.

Building a crypto mining farm

When you want to invest in crypto mining, usually you have to acquire minim machines and then you have to set them up. We can do that for you. The Hashrate Farm offers you everything from mining machines and tools to equipment, cooling systems, power sources and a warehouse. Then we connect miners to the pool and set everything up. We can easily create mining farms from 30 KW and go up to 1 MW. Since we are in Oman, the electricity rates are cheaper. That means you will have more profits with the entire process. And since we build everything from start to finish, we tackle maintenance, management, monitoring, cooling and so on.

Crypto miner hosting

The service presented above is suitable if you don’t have miners. If you already have them, all you have to do is to ship them to us. Then we will set them up and ensure everything is handled appropriately. We cover the rental, internet and electricity costs, we also maintain everything. We charge $65 per 1KW miner every month, and you do get quantity discounts.

Selling crypto miners with hosting contracts

We can offer you access to a variety of mining machines, used and new. The import tax is 5%, so we can offer better prices than many other countries. We also give you the opportunity to buy hosting contracts along with the mining machine. And yes, you receive a mining reward every day.

Consulting service and business plan

Starting up in the crypto space can be challenging, which is why we can help. We can help you identify the business costs, what ROI you can get. And we will also teach you how to set up the mining process. It eliminates concerns, while making the process simpler and easier for all users.

Rental hashing power and cloud mining

There are plenty of investors that like to rent hash power or just invest in cloud mining. We can provide you with the right solutions and help you mine the desired coins anywhere from a month to a year, via a fixed price contract.

With help from Hashrate Farm you can easily find the right crypto investing solutions you want. We are always here to assist and provide the services or assistance you need. Don’t hesitate and contact us today for more information!

Hashrate mining farm services

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